Our Customer Service Policy

“Price and quality must be matched or exceeded by our client service and support”

“DxWeb prides itself not only in offering best in class medical software technology solutions, but also exemplary service and support it provides its clients, after the sale. In order to ensure our 24+ years growth, price and quality must be matched or exceeded by our client service and support. To this end, we insure our clients of our support policy:

1. Client calls are answered by a Level 2 Customer Care Representative, not voicemail.
2. Our Customer Care desk is available from 8:30 – 6:30 daily (EST)
3. A Customer Care representative is on call and available 24/7/365 to respond to client’s needs.

a. After hours, weekends/holidays, our clients have access to customer care via secure email messaging from within our applications. The email distribution list includes all Customer Care Representatives and management.

b. The “on-call” representative will respond to client queries within 15-20 minutes. Most often, a solution is quickly reached because we have the ability to log into our application servers that are located in secure co-location sites.

c. Representatives have access to Level 3 programmers in the event that a more complex issue arises.

d. In any event, the “on-call” representative will email or call our client with a resolution as soon as the issue has been identified, isolated and resolved.