patient-centric health portal

What is DxPortal?
DxPortal is a secure, easy-to-use online tool that provides patients and their caregivers a comprehensive view of their health and wellness.

Wellness at a Glance
The portal dashboard is customizable so patients can display the information that matters to them most.

Health Records, All in One Place
Patients can store health information in a single, comprehensible and secure location, which can be accessed anytime, from anywhere with an internet connection.

Family Health Matters
Patients can add new users to maintain health information for their entire family.

Sharing is Caring
Patients can securely share a snapshot of their portal-housed medical history with their doctors by providing them with a unique web address and secure access code included with their DxPortal account.


  • Increases patient engagement
  • Patient-centric medication monitoring, i.e. refill reminders, alerts and medication history review
  • A snapshot of the patient’s portal-housed medical history can be shared with doctors
  • Financial savings offers: coupons and special offers for prescription cost savings

To learn more about this new product, please email us at customercare@dx-web.com or call us directly at 212-967-1944.