Company Overview

DxWeb® a suite of products that can be implemented in medical practices/healthcare system as an integrated system, or as stand-alone products depending on the work-flow of any given environment. Providers may opt for implementing one DxWeb® product today and add additional products at a later time. Because the full line of DxWeb® suite of products have been designed as integrated applications, they are seamlessly interoperable.

Moreover, all DxWeb® products have the ability to interface with most any third party vendor system by use of DxConnect®, which consists of over 112 customized integration engines that will allow healthcare providers to interact with divergent Practice Management, Electronic Health Records, RIS, PACS and eRx systems seamlessly. A medical practice/healthcare system can utilize its Billing and Practice Management system, for instance, but add DxScript®, DxECHO® or DxRAD® by means of the DxConnect® bridge. All the possible options have been considered by our DxWeb® Medical Advisory Board and Engineers to allow for flexibility and interoperability. The result is that a medical practice/healthcare system will realize its existing investment to the fullest extent and purchase only those application(s) that it needs thus saving time and money in implementation and application costs.

DxWeb® applications are computer ready and fully mobile. They allow the physician to order and/or view diagnostic information, Lab Results (CPOE), Cardiology/Radiology Images and Reports, prescribe and much more. We utilize up-to-date HIPAA compliant connectivity over a secure connection.

DxWeb®, through its integrated cloud based technology, is where state of the art medical software technology meets cloud based computing and creates the Physicians’ Digital Trusted Space® at the point of patient care. DxWeb® has developed secure and interoperable HIPAA compliant cloud computing to share healthcare records with healthcare providers and patients.

DxWeb® has been successfully developing and selling medical applications for 23 years, utilizing in-house developers, software engineers, marketing and sales staff, as well as follow-up technical and customer support personnel. In addition, the applications have been designed to conform to the physician’s workflow and have been upgraded at regular intervals to keep ahead of the subscriber’s technology needs and new government regulations.