The company’s [DxWeb] e-prescribing platform [DxScript] delivered on every failed promise of the Behemoths. A congenial technician rapidly guided me through the registration process for controlled and ordinary prescriptions. It wasn’t nearly as intricate as I had been led to believe. The answers to those daunting “secret questions” turned out to be mostly derived from one’s easily accessed credit report. The question of mail registration simply never came up. The firm also had doctors on call, so I quickly completed the final “EPCS Verify” process that requires one physician to validate another’s reality. When the fabulous fob finally arrived, the firm’s lucid online guidebook had me up and running within a few days. Web conferences were frequently available, open to all. Support people were always easily reached, often immediately, invariably good-humored about the e-prescribing whim-whams.


as published in Psychiatric Times June 14, 2016, by Dr. HRG, MD

DxScript / +EPCS
Accelerating Healthcare Through Technology

DxScript® is a Surescripts™ and EPCS certified, Meaningful Use Compliant, cloud-based ePrescribing solution that puts insurance, pharmacy benefits plan eligibility and formulary information at the provider’s fingertips at the point of prescribing. We maintain a database of the latest FDA and DEA released medications as well as all pharmacies that are EDI or eFax capable. Our electronic PDR provides our users real time drug-to-drug, drug to allergies and drug to food contraindication alerts at the point of care. DxScript® even suggests alternative drugs in the event there is a contraindication or allergy alert for a specific drug. No proprietary hardware or software required. All training and set-up is performed by professional Customer Care Engineers at NO COST to the provider(s).

  • Certified for EPCS
  • CCD/CDA via API, HL7, PDX integration
  • Cloud-based(Saas)
  • Integrated or stand-alone


Ease of use and intuitive design

  • Time tested and stable ePrescribing application.
  • EHNAC and Surescripts certified
  • Millions of new scripts written monthly
  • Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances (EPCS) ready pursuant to DEA regulations for both computers and mobile devices
  • Robust application, yet easy to use and designed to integrate into the provider’s workflow
  • We provide RxHistory for existing and new patients


Databases provide critical information, instantly

  • Automatic patient specific DUR alerting providers to any indications, contraindications, allergies, etc.
  • FDA/DEA approved drugs available to be searched and prescribed instantly
  • Complete database of Pharmacies that are EDI and/or eFax capable
  • Electronic PDR is included for further research pertaining to any FDA/DEA approved medication
  • Validation and eligibility of patient Pharmacy Benefits Plan Technology


Technology solutions for today’s medical practice

  • Support of Mobile Devices; iPhone, iTouch, iPad, and Android
  • Fully interoperable with third party software EHR/EMR, Practice Management and Billing vendors
  • Transmit scripts via EDI or print from computer or mobile device
  • Integration with over 100 EMRs and PMS systems
  • Migration of patient demographics from any other system/ePrescribing application to DxScript®
  • Immediate and fully trained Support staff ready to assist by phone or email


Other benefits

  • Robust, Intuitive and Cost Effective ePrescribing solution
  • Live demonstrations may be scheduled at any time
  • Patient Demographics Migration & Network Print Manager Setup
  • No-cost training and ongoing support for Providers and staff
  • No-cost setup of Mobile Devices including iPod Touch, iPad, and Android

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