DxScript®. An eRx solution as efficient as you are.

Customer Support Engineers provide real-time customer support to our prescribers 24/7 via phone or email utilizing our HIPAA complaint email from within the application. 

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Supports iPhone, iPad and
Android mobile devices


Exostar, Surescripts and Drummond certified

24/7 customer support

Fully trained customer support engineers are ready to assist by phone or email at no additional cost

Integration Engine

Access relevant clinical data for any given patient, from a third party EHR / PMS system, seamlessly. Download the Integration Engine Overview to learn more.

National PDMP is now integrated within the DxScript®/+EPCS ePrescribing solution.

DxScript provides HCPs an easy way to identify patients who may be misusing prescription opioids or other prescription drugs and who may be at risk for overdose. DxScript has been upgraded to provide HCPs with real time information within the workflow by displaying a patient’s PMP (Prescribing Monitoring Program) score. The score is a standardized numeric score developed by the DEA that alerts the HCP to the risks of overdose for any given patient.


DxScript®/+EPCS is a HIPAA compliant, Surescripts™ and EPCS certified, cloud-based ePrescribing solution that puts insurance, pharmacy benefits plan eligibility and formulary information at the provider’s fingertips at the point of prescribing. We maintain a database of the most up to date FDA and DEA released medications as well as nationwide pharmacies. Our electronic PDR provides our users real time drug-to-drug, drug to allergies and drug to food contraindication alerts at the point of care. DxScript can suggests alternative drugs in the event there is a contraindication or allergy alert for a specific drug. No proprietary hardware or software required. All training and set-ups are performed by qualified, professional Customer Care Engineers at NO COST to the provider(s).

Technology solutions for today’s medical practice
  • Secure HIPPA compliant cloud-based application (SAAS)
  • Supports iPhone, iPad and Android mobile devices
  • Safari, Chrome and Edge compatible (browser agnostic)
  • Simple to use Two Factor Authentication (2FA) function when writing Controlled Substances
  • Transmit scripts via EDI, or print from computer or mobile device
  • Integration via HL7, CCD/CDA via API, or PDX with over 100 EMRs and PM systems
  • Encryption at Rest security feature ensures protection of PHI.
  • Migration of patient demographics from any other system/ePrescribing application to DxScript®
  • Fully trained support staff ready to assist by phone or email at no additional cost

A complete solution for your ePrescribing needs
  • HIPAA compliant cloud-based application (SAAS)
  • Integration with EHR/EMR/PM systems at no cost, or stand-alone option
  • DEA compliant and certified for EPCS in all 50 states
  • Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP)
  • Surescripts / NCPDP certified for RxChange/RxFill/NewScript
  • Unique features including: Fill Status Alert, Physician Refill Alert
  • CCD/CDA via API, HL7, PDX
  • Exostar, Surescripts and Drummond certified
  • Designed using AI and Machine Learning Technology
Databases provide critical information instantly
  • Automatic patient specific DUR alerting providers to any indications, contraindications, allergies, etc.
  • Complete database of pharmacies that are EDI and/or eFax capable
  • Electronic PDR is included for further research pertaining to any FDA/DEA approved medication
  • Validation and eligibility of patient Pharmacy Benefits Plan Technology
  • Integrated PDMP (Prescription Drug Monitoring Program) access into the provider workflow to over 47 states.
Easy-to-use and intuitive
  • Fully interoperable with third party software EHR/EMR, Practice Management and Billing vendors
  • Integration with over 100 EMRs and PMS systems
  • Migration of patient demographics from any other system/ePrescribing application to DxScript
  • Immediate and fully trained support staff ready to assist by phone or email at no cost
Unique features and functions
  • FSA (Fill Status Alerts) DxScript will inform the physician, within 5 days after prescription was sent to the pharmacy, that a patient has not received their medication(s). FSA reduces patient abandonment of their treatment.
  • The PRA (Provider Refill Alert) is a function unique to DxScript that sends a reminder alert to the healthcare provider informing him/her that a patients’ script is due for a refill 5 days prior to its lapse, ensuring conitnuation of therapy.
Additional benefits
  • Live demos may be scheduled at any time, or view our short demo by visiting our website at www.dx-web.com/dxscript/. 
  • Patient Demographics Migration & Network Print Manager setup
  • No-cost training and ongoing support for providers and staff
  • No-cost setup of mobile devices (iPod Touch, iPad, and Android)

“I have been using DxScript for 3 years and have been extremely impressed with both the DxScript program and the customer service. Everyone I have spoken with at DxScript has been knowledgeable, helpful, and responsive.  There is always direct access to a person when I call the support #, even on weekends/evenings – for example, I just emailed with a non-urgent question on a Sunday morning and my phone rang with a response within 30sec of pressing the “submit” button! The platform works very well and is simple to use – I have had no issues with website being down, glitchy, slow, etc. It is very helpful to be able to e-prescribe controlled substances. DxScript has definitely been a “win” with regard to setting up my private practice!”

Donna Kirchoff, MD, FAAP

Integrative Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics, LLC