Accelerating Healthcare Through Technology

At DxWeb, we revolutionize workflow efficiency, allowing you to prioritize what truly counts: meaningful time spent with your patients.

Our innovative solutions lend themselves to the provider’s workflow, resulting in delivery of better patient outcomes.


DxScript/+EPCS/+PDMP ePrescribing cloud-based solution is designed to function as a stand-alone or fully integrated application with your EMR/EHRs and can be implemented within 24 hours of enrollment. Learn More→

Patient Portal

DxPortal streamlines patient-physician communication and allows  access to vital healthcare information effortlessly with a HIPAA compliant portal accessible to both patients and physicians at no cost. Learn More→ 


Access relevant clinical data for any given patient, from a third party EHR / PMS system, seamlessly. Interoperability between divergent EHR/EMR, Practice Management and Imaging systems is a critical step in creating a more efficient and quality driven healthcare system. Learn More→

Clinical Decision Support

Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to precision in care delivery. CareWave utilizes its patented decision-tree algorithm to enhance the quality of care for patients by leveraging clinical demographic patient information and established clinical guidelines. Learn More→

Our solutions seamlessly integrate, prioritize ease of use, and are backed by personalized customer support.

Customer Support

Ease of Use


Our no-cost HIPAA-compliant patient portal (DxPortal) seamlessly integrates with our premier ePrescribing solution, DxScript, enhancing practice capabilities.

Everyone I have spoken with at DxWeb has been knowledgeable, helpful, and responsive. There is always direct access to a person when I call the support #, even on weekends/evenings – for example, I just emailed with a non-urgent question on a Sunday morning and my phone rang with a response within 30sec of pressing the “submit” button!

Virtual OfficeWare Healthcare Solutions / GE Centricity Partner

Director of Implementation Services

The decision to partner with DWeb was a result of its ability to truly listen to organizational needs, define best practices, and develop appropriate solutions.

Premise Health

DxWeb has been a valued partner throughout the integration of DxScript and McKesson Practice Choice™. The prescribing world is heavily governed by outside factions such as agencies, aggregators and pharmacies, but DxWeb does a great job of complying with each of these while still being open to our users’ workflow needs.


All DxWeb products are