Great prescribing program, especially for the cost. Terrific customer support, always call back within minutes if critical, very responsive to suggestions (they added a field where I can prescribe controlled substances with a “do not fill until” date line), easy to use on computer phone or IPAD, good prescription history, even tells me patients RX bin number for prior authorizations when the patient doesn’t know it (finds most patients quickly with SSN), easy to add pharmacies not listed including military and specialty… and the customer support is absolutely outstanding. Also affordable to add prescribers and easy for office staff to determine what has been sent in, etc. for patients calling with questions or for prior authorizations.

Michelle M.

FNP, Holistic Wellness Solutions LLC | Ohio

Amazing product and easy to use! This product is easy to use for providers, which is important to the practice. The company also has exceptional customer support. They are quick to respond and very helpful whenever anyone has any questions. There really isn’t anything I don’t like. This company is very easy to work with. The product is very well designed. I have enjoyed working with DxWeb and also using the DxScript product.

Joyce C

Owner and Admin, AdvantaChart

Aside from DxScript being user friendly, the expeditious response absolutely impressed me! They are on top of it and get it done, and done right! Every time I have spoken with any of the team members, it has felt like I am their only client.

Discovering DxScript so late in my career, our practice would have run much more efficiently with DxScript.

I can rely on them to take care of what we need. They are super responsive, knowledgeable, and patient, all with exceptional customer service. They make it so easy.

Mari S.

Office Administrator, Advanced Institute for Plastic Surgery, Inc.,

The tech support/sales people were quick to answer the phone, easy to talk to and gave direct and clear answers. Switching from my previous system to my new system was involved and made palatable by the helpful and readily available tech support people. I haven’t started using the product for prescriptions yet. I did finish the training process and it seems easy enough for me. The setup validation steps were involved and had multiple steps, and would have been much more difficult without instant help from tech support.

Steve C.

ND, New Hampshire