DxExchange – Integration

Using DxExchange, you can access relevant clinical data for any given patient, from a third party EHR / EMR / PMS system, seamlessly.


What is DxExchange?

DxExchange offers unique integration software technology that allows third party systems to integrate with our application, seamlessly. We offer integration partners various option that include; CCD/CDA, APIs, HL7/FHIR, SOAP Services as well as SFTP integrations. Our integration will allow healthcare providers Single-Sign-ON (SSO) from their EHR/EMR/PMS to our applications, by-directional functions that includes auto-transfer of patient demographics from their to our applications, medications, imaging studies and reports, and much more.

Interoperability between divergent EHR/EMR, Practice Management and Imaging systems is a critical step in creating a more efficient and quality driven healthcare system.