The DxWeb Technology

DxWeb®, through its integrated cloud based technology, is where state of the art medical software technology meets cloud based computing and creates the Physicians’ Digital Trusted Space® at the point of patient care. DxWeb® has adopted secure and HIPAA compliant cloud computing to share healthcare records with other healthcare providers and patients.

DxWeb® has been successfully developing and selling medical applications for 23 years, utilizing in-house developers, software engineers, marketing and sales staff, as well as follow-up technical and customer support personnel. In addition, the applications have been designed to conform to the physician’s workflow and have been upgraded at regular intervals to keep ahead of the subscriber’s technology needs and new government regulations.

Our technology has been designed as a modular suite of products that can work as stand-alone products or fully integrated within the suite  or with external existing medical applications, e.g. Practice Management, Billing and Scheduling or EMR/EHR systems.